Trauma Recovery Hypnosis CE Course

Trauma Recovery Hypnosis CE Course


    • All one CE course
    • 10 segments, approx 1 hour each
    • Downloadable PDF Manual
    • Downloadable PDF Exam
    • Total Length: 9 hours 45 minutes
    • Watch online for 30 days
    • 12 CE hours
    • Membership must be current to qualify for the discounted price

Previous attendee comments:

“This was a terrific, inspiring, educational course. The presentation was phenomenal and extremely interesting. The material that was offered was detailed and well researched… This training provided more than information. What I learned was immediately useful…Timothy Trujillo is an amazing teacher! I think everyone should take this course.”

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Instructor: Timothy L Trujillo

Online class $299
ACHE members $249
Online videos are non-refundable

Trauma, whether physical or psycho-emotional, is a common presentation in hypnosis interventions. Hypnosis has a rich tradition as an effective method for addressing the impact and supporting recovery from trauma. In today’s world, this is an ever-increasing need.

Many clients seek help for specific trauma recovery, while a variety of behavioral, emotional, and physical conditions are rooted in unresolved traumatic experiences. Whether in real-time crisis or in post-event disorder, the power of hypnosis to help reduce pain and distress, reconcile despair, and stimulate healing is unparalleled.

Pass the exam to receive your CE certificate.

Students will gain the following information:
·       The variations of trauma in physical and psycho-emotional injuries
·       The historical overview of hypnosis in the treatment of trauma
·       The Wound Healing cycle and its use as a recovery instrument

Students will receive the following tools:
·       How to work through referral as part of a medical care team
·       How to prevent or help manage pathological traumatic distress (PTSD)
·       How to recognize hypnoidal dynamics that indicate unresolved trauma
·       The use of suggestion and modeling in “Natural Hypnosis” states
·       Planning and mapping of recovery over time
·       The fostering of resilience as a long term recovery tool
·       60+ page manual loaded with strategies, scripts and medical journal references

Students will learn these techniques:
·       Testing tools that help target client-specific education, induction, and treatment
·       Rapid induction and resolution techniques for both clinical and varied settings
·       Pain and symptom reduction techniques that are easily adapted for self-care
·       Evidence-based hypnosis processes from direct suggestion to metaphors
·       Transpersonal methods to bring healing from beyond the self
·       Analytical methods for internal conflict resolution and transformation
·       Working with the bio-energetics of trauma and recovery
·       Hands on methods with acupoint indications

·       Live case presentations
·       How to perform “The Five Minute Miracle Treatment”

Timothy Trujillo is a natural healthcare provider, educator, and author. Incorporating hypnotherapy, Reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy, reflexology, and aromatherapy, he is an expert in pain relief, trauma recovery, and immune disorder management. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on the use of hypnosis in the management of HIV/AIDS.

As founder of First Medicines, he has helped to deliver this system of care to HIV/AIDS-impacted populations in Los Angeles since 1996 and has led outreach projects in Guatemala, India, New Orleans, Egypt, and Oklahoma, reaching beyond HIV care to address traumatic distress in survivors of tsunami, hurricane, tornado, and civil war. He was awarded the Medaille d’Excellence by the International Human Rights Consortium.

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