Student membership

Student Membership

The ACHE has a category for non-certified Student Membership. Student Members must have a sponsoring school because Student Membership is limited to persons who are enrolled or preparing to enroll in an ACHE-approved school. This membership is valid for up to two years. Like Certified ACHE members, Student Members are eligible to receive the ACHE newsletters, attend free webinars as part of their membership and to receive the discount to ACHE Conferences. To maintain ACHE membership, within two years a student member needs to successfully graduate from an ACHE-approved school and apply for certification via the ACHE application form. Until the student becomes certified, if the student advertises ACHE membership he/she must clearly state being a “Student Member” with no reference to certification. The fee for Student Membership is $25. Fees are non-refundable.
Click here to download the student application or complete the online application below.

The Code of Ethics form is required along with the Student application: Click here to download

Student Membership

Student membership is available only to students who are currently enrolled in an ACHE approved school. It is good for a two-year period. The fee for full membership during that period is $150. After the two-year period the fee is $175. When you click \”submit\” you will be taken to PayPal for payment. Student membership fees are non-refundable.

as it is to appear on your membership document
Which ACHE approved school are you attending?
Title of course currently attending
Beginning and completion dates of course
Total number of actual classroom hours to date
Total number of hours of interactive online instruction to date.
Total number of supervised practice hours to date.
Intended total number of actual classroom hours
Intended total number of hours of interactive online instruction.
Intended number of supervised practice hours .
Intended completion date of training i.e. eligibility for certification
Other relevant training/education/experience
School Principal or Director - please provide contact details
Describe the arrangements that have been/will be made for supervised practice
Supervisor Certifications in Hypnotherapy
List Supervisor\'s contact email and telephone number.
Have you ever been convicted on a felony or morals charge? If yes, please provide details in the comments section below, including dates, location and court references in comments below.
Please read and check every box.
Fee for two calendar years.
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