To apply for ACHE approval of your hypnotherapy school please download and read the following documents. Then submit your material along with the form below. Our office is available to assist you at 619-280-7200 or

Click here to download the Regulations

Updated information about instruction:

A course of training leading to Certification should not be less than 200 hours of which a minimum of thirty percent (30%) must be face-to-face with students. This should not include time spent covering additional practices which are non-hypnotherapy methods.

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Application for School Approval
Start with http://
Please indicate the total number of hours in your program. (Minimum of 200)
1. Lecture / Classroom hours 2. Homework / home study hours 3. Live online instruction (demo / supervised practice) 4. Video instruction
Along with your application fees,email a copy of the following to Please check the documents that you will be sending.
Once you submit this form you will be taken to PayPal for payment. Refunds: if your school is not approved you will receive a refund less the $25 administrative fee.
All hypnotherapy instructors (teaching the core program) are required to maintain their personal ACHE certification.
Please list any instructors who will be teaching in your core program. (initial 200 hours)