Creating a Powerful Healing Remedy

One of the obstacles to healing is the belief that we need to take a remedy in order to heal. Most of us have grown up taking something any time we perceive a discomfort in our bodies. Have a headache or sore shoulder? Take a Tylenol. Have the flu? Chicken soup. Sneezing or itching? Take Benadryl. For others, it will be oregano oil, sweat baths, arnica or essential oils. Everything has a particular remedy to be taken that fits within one’s belief system.

In this presentation, you will learn how to use this human habit of taking remedies to help your clients trigger healing in their bodies. Lecture, case studies, and handouts.

Date: Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019
Time: 5:30 – 6:30 pm (Pacific)
Location: Online via Zoom*

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Presenter: Eva M. Clark
hypnoconnectEva M Clark, medical hypnotherapist, directs MINDbasedHealing, a nonprofit that provides leadership in the development and application of mind-based practices to effectively treat the psychosocial factors behind Chronic Disease. She teaches an online program “Medical Hypnotherapy for Chronic Disease” to clinical hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners. For more information visit and



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Past Teleseminars

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Richard Nongard

Mindfulness and Hypnosis

Dr. Richard Nongard is the author of Contextual Psychology: Integrating Mindfulness Based Approaches Into Effective Therapy. He is a clinical hypnotherapist and a licensed marriage and family therapist, who has almost three decades of experience working with clients. He is a frequent conference and keynote speaker and the creator of many resources for professional hypnotists.

Skill-building hypnosis is the heart of success with clients, and using hypnosis to teach hypnosis makes your work more effective. In this teleseminar, Dr. Richard Nongard, a licensed marriage and family therapist, is an expert in Contextual Psychology. As our guest, he will not only talk about the value of mindfulness meditation, but teach you the specific methods of using mindfulness in hypnotherapy that can benefit your clients.

 What is NLP and Why does it matter to a hypnotist?


Mark Andreas

Born in Boulder Colorado, Mark Andreas grew up with the presuppositions of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a consistent part of his experience: there is no failure, only feedback… people work perfectly… behind every behavior is a positive intention…

His parents, Steve Andreas and Connirae Andreas have been developing and training NLP all of his life, so “I grew up in the midst of a new understanding of how each one of us experiences outer reality through the five senses, creating our own unique and rich internal representations and resultant strategies for navigating through the world. When we understand these inner structures, we can change what isn’t working for us, shifting to what does work”

Mark has been in private practice since 2009, teaches NLP classes and applications and hosts innovative trainers and trainings at the growing edge of the NLP field.

His past experience includes having worked in wilderness therapy as a counselor/trip-leader for the Monarch Center for Family Healing where he was in charge of facilitating groups of “troubled” youth on a daily basis both in individual therapy and group process.

Click here to purchase a DVD of Mark’s 75 minute ACHE Conference presentation, Metaphors of Movement. 1.25 CE hours

Advanced Hypno-Marketing

Diane casual-200

Diane Edwards

Diane Edwards is owner and operator of the San Diego Hypnosis Clinic. She is a leading authority in all addictive behaviors providing effective, affordable hypnotic services since 1989. As well as being in private practice, Diane has traveled all over the country offering unique, innovative group programs for both weight and smoking and has been featured on many radio and television programs.

You’ve gotten certified. Now what?

• Want to grow your business but short of cash?
• Do you have all the clients you want?
• Are you making enough money from your practice?  Would you like to increase your business?

Anyone can learn how to market effectively, given the right tools. After 26 successful years Diane offers solid, practical, inexpensive, cost-effective strategies for creating a full time successful practice. Learn from a proven expert many easy ways to effectively promote your business.


Medical Aspects of Hypnotherapy with a special emphasis on cancer.  Roger-Moore

Roger is best known among other hypnotists for his successful weight loss program, Slender For Life. However, several years ago Roger noticed that his weight loss clients had a myriad of other health issues—some caused by the excess weight, some that resulted in them gaining the excess weight.

Therefore, he began developing processes to help his clients heal their health issues. Roger sees a wide variety of medical conditions. Autoimmune diseases and cancer are among the most frequent issues he helps his clients resolve. He sees clients and leads groups at Peninsula Cancer Center and is a frequent speaker with Gilda’s Club and other cancer support groups.

hypnotic coaching

Zoilita Grant

Hypnotic Coaching 

Zoilita Grant was one of the early pioneers in hypnotic coaching–using hypnosis with her personal and corporate coaching clients. She discusses the benefits of being a hypnotic coach–how it can boost your practice, how you do it and why you should consider combining coaching and hypnosis.

Click here to purchase a DVD of Zoilita’s 2 hour ACHE Conference presentation, Hypnotic Coaching. 2 CE hours

Turning Clicks into Clients

When you start a business people tell you, “You gotta put up a website!” But rarely do they tell how to use your website effectively as part of your overall marketing strategy. In this eye-opening session you’ll discover how to turn website visitors into clients by leading them through a step-by-step buying process, using the same simple 5-Step Marketing Funnel used by top Internet Marketing companies. Also, you’ll discover a simple tweak you can make that instantly changes the relationship you have with prospective clients and builds trust in you and your business.

Craig Eubanks

Craig Eubanks

Craig is a Digital Marketing consultant, with his expertise being in converting traffic into customers. He has certifications in Email Marketing & Deliverability and also Marketing Funnel Optimization. He’s also certified in Hypnosis and NLP, so he understands our profession.

Click here to purchase a DVD of Craig’s 75 minute ACHE Conference presentation, Turning Clicks into Clients. 1.25 CE hours

Coming to Wholeness

This process teaches you to gently dissolve the “I”, resolve a variety of problems from insomnia to relationship conflicts, and also teach you a different kind of meditation which can be very relaxing for the entire nervous system.

Connierae Andreas has been teaching, developing, and writing in the field of NLP since the late 70s. She is perhaps most well-known for her groundbreaking work coming to wholenessdeveloping the Core Transformation Process. Visit our Core Transformation Training page to learn more about this method, which very simply and easily becomes a doorway to a felt experience many describe as our spiritual core. This inner core offers the deep healing that very naturally resolves many of life’s problems and challenges. Connirae works with a growing network of international Core Transformation Trainers.

Click here to purchase Tamara Andrea’s 3 hour workshop from the ACHE Conference, Coming to Wholeness. 3 CE hours


Repurposing an Aging Population

Hypnotherapy can help retirees and senior citizens re-purpose their lives.  Retirement represents one of Life’s great transitions. However, many have not planned for the emotional changes involved with retirement…..loss of identity, loss of respect or power, how to remain vital and connected, and much more.  Retirees and seniors represent a largely untapped but much needed market for hypnotherapists. Roger explains the needs of this client population  and ways hypnosis can assist seniors to live a happier, more fulfilled lifestyle. 

Roger Dent

Roger Dent

Roger Cooper Dent is a full time practicing hypnotherapist in Santa Rosa, California. Having spent 30 years in corporate management he understands the issues facing retirees as they transition through this major passage in their lives.

 Click here to purchase a DVD of Roger’s 75 minute ACHE Conference presentation, Repurposing an Aging Population. 1.25 CE hours


Working With Ego States and how to use them for transformation.


Roberta Swartz

Roberta Swartz  has been helping people lead healthier, more productive lives since 1984 through professional presentations, interactive workshops, classes and private hypnotherapy sessions.

Roberta is a dynamic speaker and a highly effective instructor. Her understanding of human nature and of interrelations is extensive. She delights audiences with concepts that satisfy the logical part of the mind while she excites the creative, emotional part of the mind with examples, stories and rich case histories. She easily engages and holds her audiences’ interest with useful information and skills that are easy to understand. Her workshops are interactive and empowering, and the thousands of people who have attended her programs share a sense of having accomplished something meaningful and life affirming.

Click here to purchase a DVD of Roberta’s 2 hour ACHE Conference presentation, Working with Ego States. 2 CE hours