The Magical Art of Listening & Presence

The Magical Art of Listening & Presence


Judith Simon Prager

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Right brain/left brain labels may be an oversimplification, but let us imagine (imagine!) that, instead of relying on techniques, plans, protocols, we could just “know” how to be with our clients to bring them back to themselves when they are lost, to reflect their wholeness. There exists an invisible world of communication we can tap into.

Through listening and presence, we may gain the exact opening into their freedom. Milton Erickson, MD, was a genius at this, saying “Trust your unconscious; it knows more than you do.” When we step aside from the literal, we are all built to use our intuition rather than the more limited tools we think we bring into the room. Here you may learn what might be called “Non-verbal first aid for the soul”—some insights into the power of your intuition and our interconnection and ways to experience that magical ability.

  • What the holographic universe has to do with your healing powers.
  • What the higher self, our inner wisdom, our super-consciousness is, and how might we connect with it
  • Learn about the four “clairs”

Prager is an author, trainer of medical personnel around the world, award-winning instructor in the UCLA X Writers’ Program, with a PhD in psychology practicing in Los Angeles. Her latest book, What the Dolphin Said, is about consciousness and NON-Verbal First Aid.

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