Integrative Hypnosis for Sleep – Melissa Tiers


In this workshop you will learn an adaptable protocol for helping clients with all kinds of sleep issues. You will learn different ways of quieting the mind, calming the body, and entraining a slower brain wave state. You will learn how to induce a hypnotic ambiance button and to teach your clients how to transition from trance to sleep. It’s an interesting way to get access to your clients’ sleep strategies and change them from the inside.

Melissa Tiers is the founder of The Center for Integrative Hypnosis in New York City. She is an international instructor, an award winning presenter, and a two-time recipient of the Pen and Quill award for her books. Melissa teaches classes in clinical hypnosis, neuro linguistic psychology, and mental health coaching. She is an adjunct faculty member at The New York Open Center and the Tri-State College of Acupuncture where she teaches a course on mind/body medicine.

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1.25 Hours