Look Within and Listen… Your Inner Child is Speaking


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Look Within and Listen… Your Inner Child is Speaking


Marla Brucker

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Inner Child work helps clients to release blocks and self sabotage issues that have interfered with their desires, goals, successes and health. Memories held within and imprinted from our past are stored at the consciousness when first perceived. Incidence and episodes that had an impact on a child at a certain level of emotional maturity will remain locked within the child’s sub-consciousness where it was originally experienced.
We often intellectualize about events in our past, yet coming to terms with imprinted emotional memories and letting go of their impact is essential for one’s healthy existence of mind and body.
Attendees will also be guided along a timeline journey connecting their inner-child and their adult self with the unconditional love necessary to creating greater success.

Marla Brucker, a motivational trainer and Peak Performance Coach has been practicing in areas of performance enhancement, hypnotherapy and counseling since 1978. She’s worked in hospitals, mental health clinics and educational institutes. Marla is the CEO of a certifying hypnotherapy institute.

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