The Vibration of Confidence

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by Katherine Zimmerman

hypnosis,conferenceA few years ago I was guided intuitively to develop a new process, which I call Re-Vision. I stopped arguing with such messages years ago but I did wonder how it would unfold. Consciously, I had absolutely no ideas. So I set the direction aside and went on with life. In a few short weeks, during my morning trance time I suddenly “knew” what this process would include. It was laid out for me quite neatly.

The outcome with clients has been surprising. When I use a new method, I like to practice on a few folks to see if it will be effective. One of my first test subjects was a woman whom I’ll call Karen. She wrote about her session to capture her experience more fully:

Words that come to mind immediately post session: calm, peaceful, sturdy, curious, and appreciative.

Katherine invited me to enter hypnosis by breathing deeply, exhaling. She assisted me to envision each chakra, notice a color, then, to make any sound that seemed appropriate. The sounds varied. Katherine also invited me to notice the chakras present in my hands and feet. That seemed especially helpful because hands and feet assist me to “be” in the world.

What I remember most distinctly is moving into the trunk of an especially large fir tree, then, growing “roots” or “cords” from my belly, first, and next, from my entire mid-section into the roots of the tree. I also had the sense of being hooked to the roots of the tree, into the earth, with hooks in my mid-section reaching into the roots of the tree in the way that Sundancers are hooked to a tree trunk during their time of prayer. The next thing that occurred— very quickly—instantaneously, it seemed, was that I became the sap of the tree.

The sap of the tree moved in the same way that the vibration of the gold energy of the hologram moves: incredibly rapidly. The sap took me to the top of the tree where I experienced receiving a sort of cosmic dust through the top of my head. At that point I realized the tree is the sacred tree of the shaman, the bridge between the earth, underworld and the heavens, sometimes called, the axis mundi. At that point I had a strong sense of Jess, the deceased Jungian analyst/psychiatrist who has been such a mentor to me.

I felt a sense of time in a compressed way– that something has come, in a sense, full circle and that the circle is widening. What began in his office related to shamanic experience is growing, now. I have a sense of connection to the underworld, the earth, and the heavens in a new and profound way today. After experiencing movement as sap, or, the energy of the travel through the tree into space and time I had the sense that the process of being in a multidimensional way, of being cognizant of living in varied times and spaces simultaneously is becoming clearer to me. This awareness of “being” simply “is.” I feel a sense of acceptance of the awareness that I have been fighting.

As I write, it seems to me that the next thing that I experienced was to take one minute to allow a knowing, or, experiencing, of the vibration of confidence. This experience surprised me: I felt physically lighter, tingling with energy throughout my body, and observed myself moving huge boulders. I picked up several at their bases and moved them upward. I don’t have a memory of setting them down, simply moving them upward. Next, I sensed many people to my right and left. At that point I was participating in moving a mountain in the same way that I moved boulders. I simply positioned myself to reach under a portion of the mountain and move it upward. As I was doing this I had the sense that the gravitational pull of the moon on the earth is changing. My sense is that gravity is lessened, somehow.

At some point Katherine invited me to locate myself in my sanctuary, then, to go through a doorway, seeing myself five years from now. My sanctuary is outdoors. What I did was simply to step through an opening made by a low branch of the tree and step into the ocean. As I did that I seemed below the surface of the water, walking down a narrow passageway. On both sides of the passageway were people lining it. At the end of the passageway was a brilliant light. I first worried that the light represented death. Since I don’t want to die in five years I was a little worried. However, the light seems to be about a new place, or, way of being, and is associated with writing. I keep getting the sense of writing, writing, in five years. That’s what I’ll be doing: writing. I don’t think I’ll wait five years. I think writing is already present for me and that I will be doing it more actively and confidently.

What I’m writing about is not too clear at this point, although writing these notes about my experience of the session seems to be part of something. As I began the return through the passageway to present, earthly, time, I was aware of a particular man among other people lining the passageway. I paused in front of him. His features are indistinct at this point. Perhaps he has something to tell me in a dream, or, in a moment of time as I go about my typical days, or, in the next session. At this point, I don’t know who he is. He is familiar, though. When I was experiencing the vibration of confidence (I almost wrote “consciousness”) I had the sense that the meaning of confidence is a bit different from the way in which the dictionary defines it.

However, today, as a result of the Re-Vision session, “confidence” means something slightly different. It means that I accept myself fully. It means that who I am will allow others to be themselves. It means that I have work to do in other dimensions that require me connect with the other planes so that I can assist the earth itself to change.

Toward the end of the session Katherine asked me what emotions I might be experiencing. I felt observant— not an emotion. I thought a little more and could state that I felt aware, calm, distant. However, distant in the sense of being unattached to strong emotion— simply aware. These feelings will help me with my family. I can let go of feelings of anger, hurt, fear. I can “be” in the sense that a natural object “is.” I can be present, be calm, be aware, be peaceful. I also can allow others to “be” in the way that they choose to “be” at that time— without wanting them to be different.

You can learn this process in my 3-hour workshop on Friday, March 22, 2019. I hope you will join me.

Katherine Zimmerman is the Director of the California Hypnotherapy Acedemy, an internationally-known author and speaker, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Since 1989, she has taught classes and given presentations on hypnotherapy at professional conferences. Katherine also is a former guest lecturer at HTI. and


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