Dear Friends

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your continuing support for our organization and a special thank you to those who were able to attend the Conference.  At the ACHE office we receive many messages of support, which are very much appreciated.  Our webinars and newsletters have been extremely well received, as has our new website with the Directory of Practitioners.  We have also received many expressions of gratitude for putting on our recent Conference and the previous Conference which was held in very difficult circumstances and we now have held two Conferences in the last two years.  ACHE relies greatly on voluntary effort and we are very indebted to many who have helped our work over this time.

These activities are part of the continuing development of ACHE, so that we can serve our members in an era of rapid technological change.   Our priority is the survival of ACHE on behalf of our Certificants, our Approved Schools, and hypnotherapy generally.  Our intention is to be relevant to the present and future generations of hypnotherapy practitioners, as ACHE has been in the past.

ACHE stands foremost for real standards in training and in practice.  We continue to work on development of standards and our Educational and Training Standards Committee is tasked with regularly reviewing and updating our training and practice standards.  ACHE is also highly committed to its mission of supporting and advancing hypnotherapists and the free and open practice of hypnotherapy, politically and otherwise.   Like any organization, we need to evolve to keep up with our changing environment.

Since the sudden retirement in 2014 of Jon Young due to ill-health, after 30 years of service, the Board has worked to ensure that ACHE maintains stability and the ability to achieve its goals.  As previously mentioned, to that end, we have set up a revised constitutional and administrative framework to meet the needs of the organization and that reflects its position as a modern, democratic, not-for-profit structure.  The past two years have therefore been a time of significant transition for ACHE, and the Board has worked hard to ensure that the transition has been successful.  I should point out here that, the Board members are Directors of a not-for-profit corporation, and none of them have received financial reward for their work on behalf of ACHE and their efforts have, in fact, involved considerable input of time, effort and other resources on behalf of the organization.  They have worked hard to “give back” to their profession.

Detailed information on the updated constitutional structure, by-laws, election processes and other matters will be available online shortly.  The membership of the Board will change over time, in an organized manner, as existing members retire and new members take their place, and the updated structure has been designed to combine innovation with stability by renewing only part of the total Board memberships at any one time.

We know you have a choice of professional organizations to belong to in the field of hypnotherapy, and we do not take your support for granted.  We are working hard to make ACHE the best organization it can be, and we appreciate your support to achieve this as we go forward together.

With my best wishes to you all,


Dr. John Butler
President, ACHE


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