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by Katherine Zimmerman

Working with this client is always delightful. She is a licensed practitioner at a local spiritual center. As she is studying to become a minister, she’s finding that new issues are bubbling to the surface.

She described her issue with a series of questions, “How do I deal with retirement and getting older?” She wondered what is blocking her full enjoyment in her life? She mentioned that this block might be from a past life or maybe from a parallel life. Did she need to satisfy some longing?  What does she have yet to do? I think that many people can relate to her internal messages, “Be productive, stay busy and work hard.”

She does receive answers when she meditates. During a recent meditation  she learned that the gentleman in her life is there so that they can help each other with their transition. They are working on the “end game.”

Her goal for this session was to remove blocks to enjoying the here and now of her life and release the feeling of being stuck.

While I used a standard induction and deepener, I made one small change which really set her up for receiving information. As I counted from 10 down to 1, I let her know that something magical was available on the “other side of one.”

She stepped into a field of crops and flowers, of possibilities and light, it was a place “beyond time and space” and filled with love. It was a place of belonging, knowing and trust. Filled with contentment, she saw the stars above and felt the sun warming her.

In this space all is possible, all is available, she felt approved of, she knew that she was a perfect being, a being at peace. In fact, she realized that there were no blocks. That is when the messages began flowing in: “Yes, you can. Yes, you are. Yes, it is all possible. All is perfect.”

I asked her to stand up inside herself and fully claim her own perfection. She reported that even her cells were saying, “yes.”

All well and good, but I wanted to give her time to integrate these messages into her daily life. As I directed her to take this yes into her life she experienced more dancing, more laughter, more joy and sharing. With “yes” she attracted more people, relationships and energy. She felt herself in the flow with a new attitude. She was on the playground of the universe and ready to celebrate.

As she imagined waking up with a yes attitude it brought “a field of light to everything.” It was a growing field with colors, lights, harvesting, joy, peace and compassion. She could now play in this field every morning. The field contained every plant and vegetable, all thrived together. There were magic plants in the field that fed her during her morning meditation. She experienced high energy and felt stronger; everything seemed effortless and perfect.

Able to access all the energy that she needed, she felt unlimited and healthy, she loved being alive, helping others and reaching out. She was immensely grateful for her life.

She also said yes to slowing down, ending her day with the sun setting, with the possibilities of stars and other dimensions. She was able to let go of any attachment to the day. She recognized that it was time to let go of her grown daughter as their contract was fulfilled, their agreement finished.  She did become emotional at that point for a bit but with some encouragement to let herself feel the emotion and breathe with it, it dissipated quickly.

And, finally, she said yes to love.

Like many of my clients, she didn’t want to return to an alert awareness. Who would? We know that she will carry these images and qualities with her throughout all her moments. Nothing in her life will ever be exactly the same as it was before the session.

The session unfolded effortlessly with little guidance from me. I felt that my main job was to hold the space to support her journey. I simply created a framework for the change to take place.

Going into this I already knew that her outlook on life was that a change would automatically take place once she changed her thoughts. She lives and breathes the Science of Mind philosophy.*

I see fewer clients these days but the ones I do see are committed to change. They are easy to work with and achieve their goals seemingly by magic.

*Science of Mind teaches that each individual has the power over and the responsibility for his or her own life. They highly discourage dependence upon any one person; they challenge people to think for themselves and develop their own intuition.

Katherine Zimmerman, Founder/Director of the California Hypnotherapy Academy is an internationally-known author and speaker, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and EFT Practitioner. Since 1989, she has taught classes on self-hypnosis, EFT, and other related subjects, along with doing presentations on hypnotherapy at professional conferences nationwide.  Email:


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