Overcome Anxieties

Overcome Anxieties


Dennis Parker

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The Positive Mind Management Skills and Tools that Dennis has developed over 30 years of doing clinical hypnotherapy are most effective, and really work! He understands the imagination and how it is a control point over our emotions. This understanding is what is different in his behavioral model. This knowledge is power, and the truths that set people free. It brings affected persons into self-control of their unwanted emotionally induced illnesses and has them controlling their out-of-control deviant behaviors, quickly.

Overcoming negative emotions and desensitizing from anxieties, stresses, worries, fears, and past traumatic abuse, asthma, IBS, Migraines, and PTSD, at a subconscious level, are just some of the emotional issues that are addressed well with Positive Mind Management skills and tools.

  • How negative energies – emotions – are created
  • A new chart of hypnotic trance states – consciousness to sleep
  • A New Behavioral Model that is complete and makes change processes quick and effective!

Dennis is a noted Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners since 1991. Dennis owns and operates Certified Hypnotherapy Training School in Farmington, Utah.

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