Journey Through the Dark

Journey Through the Dark


Gaye Gibson

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“What do I do now (that I’m divorced, the kids are all on their own, I lost my job?) What purpose do I serve? How can I keep going now that . . . ? Clients bring these and many other challenges to us as hypnotherapists quite often. After years of working with clients making these kinds of appeals, I came to view them under the heading of “spiritual crisis”.
What can we do to help clients find their way again? What techniques do YOU use when a client comes to you in spiritual distress? Come and share your ideas and hear those of others in this interactive presentation.
• The importance of a “spiritual assessment”
• The questions that might be asked
• Other techniques/approaches that may be helpful
• Other modalities/processes that may be integrated
Gaye Gibson has been a certified clinical hypnotherapist since 1996. She has taught advanced hypnotherapy courses for Randal Churchill’s Hypnotherapy Training Institute since 2011. She brings her years of experience and a lighthearted sense of humor to the classroom and beyond.

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