Hypnotherapy for Death, Dying & Grieving

Hypnotherapy for Death, Dying & Grieving


Timothy Trujillo

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Death is a universal experience; it affects each of us. Our encounters with death range from threat or risk, to loss, to the experience of death itself. Unresolved factors related to death often interfere with life itself. Thanatotherapy is the clinical approach to addressing these concerns. Themythological sibling and metaphoric

relationship between sleep and death make hypnosis a natural modality to augment this work. Through informative lecture and demonstration, learn models and methods to help resolve distress associated with fear of death, palliative tools to provide comfort at end of life, and support for survivors. Attendees will also learn both intra- and inter-session processes and practices to support the journey of bereavement and how these same strategies are effective in facilitating life passages.

  • The impact of existential threat
  • Reframing expectancy
  • Supporting “the appointment of affairs”

Timothy L. Trujillo incorporates Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Acupuncture, and Aromatherapy to provide pain relief, trauma recovery, and immune disorder management. Through First Medicines he has helped deliver this care throughout the world. He is a graduate and former instructor at Gil Boyne’s HTI of Los Angeles.

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