Hypnosis for Healing

Hypnosis for Healing


Ed & Cheryl Martin

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Hypnosis can powerfully assist the physical body to make changes or heal, not just temporarily, but permanently.
Healing of physical ailments and conditions is accomplished by the body all the time. Deep trance hypnosis can assist the body to accelerate and/or change the physical repair or regeneration as well as stimulate new change or regeneration.
You will learn about accomplishing this change with special techniques of hypnosis. You will learn how to assist the body in it’s own physical change or healing using special suggestions that will actually stimulate that physical change or healing correction.
You will also experience it yourself in a special session of Cell Command Therapy Hypnosis to restore your endocrine system as well as your immune system.
• How Hypnosis can assist healing and physical change
• How to adjunctively assist the body (parts) that needs healing
• Experience physical change or restoration of your endocrine system
• Understand how hypnosis will accelerate the healing
• Learn about Cellular level communication

Ed Martin, Ph.D. is a professional hypnotherapist who has worked for many years with hypnosis to assist people to overcome illness and disease. He has been a pioneer in using the tools of hypnosis for critical illness recovery and cellular stimulation. He is the creator of Cell Command Therapy™

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