How to Help Anxious Clients Thrive – Kathy Moore


What works with one anxious client doesn’t necessarily work with another. The first hour of this 2-hour workshop explains the mechanism that is anxiety, what it does in the brain, how to lessen its effects and specifically the hypnosis protocols that work with various anxiety-producing situations. I will also share resources that I have found to be particularly helpful over the years in working with the anxious client. In Hour 2, I encourage students to bring questions regarding clients they are currently working with or have worked with in the past. This will be a question and answer coaching session and no question is off limits.

Kathy Moore is a Board Certified Hypnotist, recognized hypnotherapy instructor, motivational speaker and small business marketing consultant. Her hypnosis specialty is Anxiety. Her Anti-Anxiety Session on Youtube has been viewed by over 40,000 people. Kathy’s approach to Anxiety Elimination is eclectic and highly effective.

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2 Hours