Help Clients Quit Smoking & Stay Smoke-free

Help Clients Quit Smoking & Stay Smoke-free


Rebekka Putnam

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Build your practice quickly and successfully by targeting the smoker who wants to quit. Smokers are experienced with quitting, they do it all the time! What they really need help with is staying smoke-free. Rebekka will take you through the entire process, from consultation to a satisfied smoke-free client. She will share tips for preparing to quit, teach the dynamics of addiction, and explain the specific techniques to clear the habit for good.

You’ll be able to ask questions and learn for yourself how to work on the addiction. With this four-session protocol, your clients will be happy to share referrals for you! As you know, your client’s success is your success.

  • Consultation and closing
  • Dynamics of addiction
  • Tips for preparing to quit

Rebekka Putnam is a Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner and creator of Smoke Free Success®. She has helped hundreds of people beat their addictions, fears, and anxieties while redirecting them onto the path they most desire.

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