Healing the Fear That Binds You – Bette Epstein


This learning experience will teach the best tools ever for letting go of fear. Fear is one of the most common reasons clients call the hypnotherapist for help. And fears have prevented each of us, at sometime in our lives, from living to the fullest. Bette will begin by teaching a few “immediate” trance inductions, including how to do your own self work. She will teach techniques such as using the right/left brain split, light/shadow deepening, and going through the process of finding and eliminating the root cause of the fear. A lot of fears in adults were programmed during childhood by parents and others in authority. But, we also induce these fears into our own psyche during conscious experiences. Please bring a list of your own fears, and we will use some of them as class examples in addition to the more common ones such as flying, deep water, childbirth, putting in your contacts, etc.

Bette Epstein is the primary teacher and director of Heartsong Hypnotherapy Training Center in Dallas, Texas. Bette is well known for her work in Sexual Dysfunction, in working with children, and with adults experiencing mid-life crisis and grief. She is a published author, a dowser, a mother to many, a grandmother, mentor, stand-up comic. And, she works frequently as a palliative care counselor. Bette is a very casual teacher, so expect to learn a lot and have a great time. She lives with her very large brown Pittie and a red-heeler who speaks English.

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