Gaining Insight from Studying the Placebo Effect

Gaining Insight from Studying the Placebo Effect


Umesh Tiwari

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Explore the ins and outs of what makes placebo medications as effective as they are. After learning and recognizing the specific factors that make placebos tick, attendees will be able to apply new strategies to their own hypnotherapy practices. Imagine if giving “nothing” in particular works as well as it does via the mind-body connection, how much more effective can such a finely tuned mind-body modality such as hypnotherapy be for our clients.

  • What are the specific factors that determine how effective one placebo will be over another?
  • What is the true efficacy of SSRI medications in the treatment of depression?
  • What is placebo surgery and how effective is it?

Dr Umesh Tiwari is a medical doctor trained both in internal medicine and hypnotherapy. He has an interest in studying the science of placebo medications. A self-taught theater technician, he brings practical knowledge you can apply in your own practice.

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