Freeing the Emotional Hostage

Freeing the Emotional Hostage


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Freeing the Emotional Hostage with Michael Watson

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Stress and anxiety are epidemic in our busy modern lifestyles. Anger and depression are pervasive. Panic, guilt, shame, insecurity and all manner of negative emotions come and go… and lead people to seek our help. A practitioner’s understanding and skill with emotions can be the defining element in their professional success.

Whether it be deep-seated long-standing issues, or occasional “nerves and worries,” we’ll give you the tools to handle the whole range in yourself and in your clients. In this fast-paced and engaging program, you will learn numerous tips, tricks and at least five techniques that you can put to work in your practice right away. Help your clients reduce the stress and anxiety in their lives as they open to greater peace, satisfaction, delight, and joy.

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