Facet Therapy: Cooperation Through Communication – Stephanie Jaeger


Faceting is a revolutionary form of hypnosis that helps with the resolution of inner conflict that can be associated with abuse and/or trauma. It can be successful as having access to memories of the event(s) is not necessary for teaching clients to move from survival mode into a thriving perspective for their lives. This process helps people identify patterns and behaviors that are in direct conflict with their life goals and learn to resolve them. It utilizes a form of non deep trance hypnosis and working with the heart space to move from a pattern of surviving to one of thriving. This procedure can be taught to someone to use personally, which gives people the self-care resource they so greatly desire. This complimentary technique can help professionals move clients out of the cycle of crisis of being a survivor into a life of thriving.

Stephanie Jaeger is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Minister with The Eternal Life Church, and is currently pursuing graduate studies in Philosophy. She is a team-building and corporate efficiency expert. She established and runs a non-profit organization, The Sheltered Heart Foundation, and proprietary workshop series to address abuse and trauma. She is an expert in identifying and modifying negative behavioral patterns. Her revolutionary programs have taught thousands how to replace negative thoughts and actions with positive patterns that produce desirable results.

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