Churchill’s 15-Step Hypno-Healing Process – Randal Churchill


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This form of Hypno-Healing is a 15-step interactive process that is designed to help improve physical conditions, as a complement to professional medical diagnosis and treatment. It can be useful in many cases for health issues, injuries and hereditary conditions. The process includes ideomotor signals for subconscious permission. The onset of the condition is reviewed and the possibility of a range of underlying causes and influences is explored. This process honors and harnesses the tremendous awareness and healing capabilities of the subconscious, including through encouraging the client’s own visualization regarding both the condition and creative healing solutions. Subconscious guidance is also sought regarding self-hypnosis practice for healing reinforcement. The demonstration and discussion will be followed by a practice.

• Learn a new combination of methods to help heal physical issues.
• Realize a deeper recognition of the range of potential subconscious influences of physical difficulties.
• Develop hypno-healing skills.
• Explore a range of ways to seek awareness of the client’s subconscious.
• Understand further methods for harnessing the power, insights and creative solutions of the client’s subconscious.

Randal Churchill is past President of the ACHE. He is founder and Director of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute, one of the first state-licensed hypnotherapy schools (1978). He is author of two award-winning books.

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