Better Inductions for Better Results

Better Inductions for Better Results


Roger Dent

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Each induction is the gateway through which we guide our clients into a place of relaxation, comfort, and positive change. Your confidence and skill at this critical point in each session determines your effectiveness and your client’s success. Are you using the best and most effective induction for each session? We all have our favorite “go to” inductions, though knowing the induction that will give you and your client the best result improves your effectiveness and efficiency.

Learn key components of an effective induction, signals that every client gives you to determine the best induction, and techniques for seamless integration of your induction into the deepening and suggestion. You also will receive creative induction examples to guide you in developing effective inductions for any session. • Key components to an effective induction

  • How clients let you know what induction style will work best in each session
  • Why your approach to each induction is important

Roger Cooper Dent is a certified clinical hypnotherapist with a successful practice in Santa Rosa, California. He has partnered with other hypnotherapists, physicians and psychologists on the development of metaphors and guided imagery scripts and inductions.

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