Patrick Coleman 2018


The Gil Boyne Self Hypnosis Method, Patrick Coleman
Gil Boyne taught self hypnosis classes every Wednesday for over thirty years. His method uses less conscious effort insuring more subconscious response. My father was in his class in 1980 and taught me self hypnosis when I was nine for pain control. Using self hypnosis for behavior modification is more complicated and Gil had it down to a science. I’m honored to pass it on. Handouts will include an original Gil Boyne script and I’m confident you’ll see noticeable results in your practice by using and teaching the Gil Boyne Self Hypnosis Method.

• Rapid induction
• How to reach and arouse the subconscious mind
• Five physical signs of trance
• Trance ratification: eye catalepsy, arm and foot catalepsy

Patrick learned hypnotherapy from his father at age nine for pain control from a serious jaw injury. He operates Coleman’s Hypnosis Clinic in Edmond, Oklahoma.