Hypnotic Deepening & the Mandala, Kym Maehl

Workshop • $35*
Saturday, March 23, 2019
9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Participants will both learn and experience a process for heightened awareness and inner healing through the integration of two of world’s most powerful healing modalities, hypnosis and art. By applying the individual messages and symbols received during hypnotic deepening or “hypno-meditation” to the “unified” form of the Mandala, each participant will create a personal piece of art that can become a tool for continued contemplation and awareness.
The intention of this workshop is to provide a new paradigm for awareness and healing by connecting more deeply to the various levels of consciousness while merging ancient wisdom, art, and hypnosis. This is a powerful process for both both practitioners and clients. Together we will:
• Practice a technique for inquiry using hypnosis to take one deeper into the realm of consciousness and healing.
• Both study and practice the ancient art of the Mandala.
• Expand on the significance of symbolism to the psyche.
• Examine the use of “hypno-meditation” as a means of accessing information from the sub and super conscious minds.
• Integrate information and symbolism from hypno-meditation into a personal healing mandala.
Kym Maehl is a Counselor and Life Coach who has worked for 30 years assisting clients with deep transformation. She holds advanced degrees in Holistic Ministries, and Counseling and Educational Psychology, and teaches classes in integrative healing and creative arts.  http://spiritcounseling.org

*with Saturday or 3-day registration