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by Kym Maehl, PhD, CRC, CHT

For me, creativity is a gift for the soul and collaborative creativity is a unique opportunity for those involved to participate in the art of inspired healing.  Nowhere is this truer than in the practice of heart-centered hypnosis or the practice of joining with the client with intentional empathy so as to become an open channel for higher guidance and inspiration.

What I find when I open to this “inspiration” is that thoughts, words and images come that are delivered in a way that is natural to me and right and perfect for the client and the healing intention that we’ve set.  Most of the time, I am not surprised by the synchronistic sessions that we create, but there are those magic moments when something unexpected drops in and a healing masterpiece is born.

The use of the word masterpiece is not one that is usually associated with hypnosis.  However, with this type of hypnotic joining, it is the perfect metaphor for the combination of healing intention, collaboration and creative inspiration that can be expressed in the art of heart-centered hypnosis.

Heart-centered hypnosis as an art form is slightly different than traditional scripted hypnosis in that it is organic and is born in the moment, unique to each experience.  This requires centering the self, joining with the client and surrendering to the healing wisdom that is created as higher self joins higher self.  This collaborative creativity of hypnotherapist, client and higher guidance sets in motion the inspired healing that ignites when consciousness and spirit collide.

In my book, Grief~Dance Workbook – Creative Expression for Honoring Loss, I integrate creative arts, such as storytelling, collage, and poetry, with hypnotic processes of soul communication, revivification and hypnotic deepening, all with the intention of tapping into and giving expression to deep grief.  The collaborative creativity and subsequent inspired healing that takes place in these exercises comes from a willingness to suspend the limitations of the egoic mind and enter into a connection with the self, the loved one passed, and the higher healing wisdom that is within each of us.  In doing this, it is possible to enter into a state of heart-centered self-hypnosis that can lead to insight, integration and release.

Collaborative creativity is the core of heart-centered hypnosis.  It is also the core of inspired healing as my friend, mentor, artist and teacher, Susan Taylor taught me and I share with you.

Susan recently left the earthly plane for her next adventure as spirit, on her terms and in her time.  Two weeks before she passed, she and I were talking.  She was lying on her side near the edge of her bed, willing herself to speak to me through her pain.  Thankfully I was sitting on the floor so that I could be at her eye level.  I say “thankfully” because what she asked me to do took my breath away.

In a wise yet heartbreaking request, Susan asked me to join together with her pottery students and several close friends to make a vessel that, should she make it through her battle with cancer, would be a celebratory wine vessel.  And, should she not, it would be her urn.  As a counselor and teacher, I am no stranger to hearing heartbreaking things, yet sitting there with my dear friend, I audibly gasped.

It took my mind several minutes to adjust to her request.  When it did, of course, I agreed.  Yet, what I didn’t realize at the time was how much this request and the collaborative creativity it offered would mean to me and eight other creative souls that put their energy into it.  Susan knew, and in her request, she opened the door for inspired healing while helping us to honor her memory and process our grief.

In the end, we all added our own statement to the awesome, eclectic, so very Susan vessel that will rest on her son’s mantle.  And as we each did our part through laughter and tears, the collaboration brought us closer together and helped us feel supported even in the face of tremendous loss.

Creativity has a way of doing that.  It helps give expression to our deepest thoughts and feelings.  As we create, the healing begins.  And when we create together, the world feels kinder somehow, even when there is one less amazing woman walking its ground.

I share this experience because like pottery or any art form for that matter, hypnosis is an incredibly creative and co-creative process.  As hypnotherapists, we enter into collaborative creativity with each of our clients and join their healing journey both as way showers and companions.  And, when we provide support and encouragement with intentional empathy, heart-centered hypnosis results as does the flow of higher wisdom and inspiration…and a masterpiece is born.

Kym Maehl is an Integrative Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist with a dynamic practice based in Carson City, NV.  She has been a counselor for over 20 years and has successfully worked with groups and individuals worldwide in assisting authentic transformation.  In addition to her private practice as a Counselor and Life Coach, Kym teaches classes in integrative healing modalities and the creative arts.  She holds a PhD in Holistic Ministries, an MA in Counseling and Educational Psychology, and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rehabilitation Counselor, and Strategic Life Coach. For more information go to


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