Steve Stork – 2018

When You Come to the Emotional Bridge of Change… Take it, Steve Stork
Often hypnotherapists find it difficult to guide a client through a highly emotional abreaction. No training can prepare you for the variety of abreactions your clients will encounter; so it’s easy to get stumped at what to do next. As you arrive at the emotional bridge, you should not be scared to cross it. The emotional bridge arises as the subconscious mind determines where it most needs healing.
Witness video examples from actual clients (with permission) to learn what to look for and how to cross that bridge when you come to it.

• The importance of the emotional bridge
• How to recognize abreaction in a client
• How to respond to a client entering an abreactive state
• How to take advantage of the emotional bridge to promote change
• How to avoid jumping in the pit with the client

 Dr. Stork brings to hypnotherapy 35 years of teaching in public school and universities. Master teacher, coach, author, editor and web designer; Dr. Stork offers a keen qualitative researcher’s perspective to training hypnotherapists. He is co-author and practice partner with Dr. Kweethai Neill.