Roger C Dent – 2018

Lyme Disease and Hypnotherapy, Roger C. Dent
This presentation provides the information you need to find and begin working effectively with clients suffering from Lyme disease. In August of 2013, the CDC announced that as many as 300,000 new cases of Lyme are reported each year in the United States. Hypnotherapists are ideally positioned to help this expanding number of clients with symptoms of Lyme, especially those who are not fortunate to have been diagnosed early, when antibiotic treatment is most effective. We already are trained to listen, observe, and work with clients to develop an appropriate course of therapy to alleviate symptoms and improve levels of comfort. With the additional information provided in this session, you can be ready to expand your practice in positive and rewarding ways.

• Why hypnotherapy may be the most powerful tool
• How to identify and market to prospective clients.
• Why Lyme sufferers often are frustrated
• Which techniques are most effective
• How to identify and avoid common pitfalls’

Roger Cooper Dent, MBA, CHT has built a successful hypnotherapy practice in Santa Rosa, California since 2010. Nearly half of Roger’s practice involves clients with Lyme and Lyme-related diseases.