The Mindset to Go From Survival, to Success, to Significance – Scott Sandland


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Many hypnotists start their careers looking to help as many people as possible without a clear understanding of what it takes to get there. While there are many different ways to do the work and get results, there are patterns that can emerge. Questions about how to break even get you started, and transition to how to be most effective. What are the questions you need to be asking yourself to make the transitions from survival to success or from success to significance? This high tempo class will help you create an actionable plan to earn the results you’ve been waiting for.

Scott Sandland is a hypnotist specializing in working with medical, dental, and mental health providers. Scott is the founder of the largest hypnosis resource on earth, He has been a presenter at medical schools, dental schools, medical conferences, and almost 50 hypnosis conferences. He is the co-founder of The Newport Clinic, The Hypnosis Practitioner Training Institute, HypnoThoughts Live, The HypnoStore, and more. He has keen insights into the realities of the industry and is eager to share his experience with his peers in the profession.

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