Self-Directed Neuroplasticity: A Complete System for Rewiring the Brain – Melissa Tiers


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In this workshop you will learn an easy to share protocol proven to rewire old patterns and create new ones. You will experience six different power tools that reroute the brain as they reduce anxiety, compulsions, and cravings. We will be practicing the four step meta pattern to neutralize triggers and condition in new responses. You
will also learn about the most exciting research to come out of neuroscience in the past decade. Memory reconsolidation allows us to rewrite both explicit and implicit memories in the brain. This system integrates hypnosis, NLP, energy psychology and practical neuroscience in a protocol that empowers your clients and keeps your sessions full of dopamine.

You will learn:
• Bilateral stimulation
• Backward spin
• Peripheral vision anchor
• Heart coherence
• Fast meridian technique
• Vagal tone tune-up
• Four step meta pattern
• Memory reconsolidation process

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3 Hours