Martin Castor Peterson – 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018 – 1 day
Cost $150*
HNLP & Castorian Hypnosis, Martin Castor Peterson
Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology might be the most effective and powerful linguistic techniques available in modern times. It is NLP times one hundred, with some really powerful hypnosis and changework added in. You will learn shortcuts for more efficient and productive sessions. This is an information packed workshop and worth way more than we charge. Peterson’s bestseller and VIP techniques are also included.

• Instant inductions with everyone in less time
• Create instant rapport
• Trust the unconscious flow and power
• Use everything the clients brings to the table
• Create more success

The Collapse Technique – PTSD Killer, Martin Castor Peterson
This is age regression that can deal with any issue in minutes, even without entering the actual issue.
This technique is the most powerful tool to replace negative memories and situations with nothing but REAL and PERSONAL resources within the client. By the way, did I say in minutes? Even without a classic induction. Includes demonstration and Q&A’s so everyone can perform this.

• Work with regression easily
• Release trauma without going into content
• Find resources in trauma
• Integrate the inner child

Martin Castor Peterson is multi-certified and Successful International Trainer based in Denmark. He is well known for his modern, fast and unique approach, and has created several new powerful hypnosis techniques. He is the chief trainer of The Hypno Academy based in Vegas, inventor of The Induction Formula and SoulKey Therapy.