Mark Andreas – 2018

Workshop – Cost $35

The Wholeness Process, Mark Andreas
Learn a new method developed by Connirae Andreas that is more effective than mindfulness and also a transformational therapeutic process for change. If you’ve explored Eastern spirituality, you’ve probably heard phrases like “The small self is an illusion. Realize that you are a vast Self,” and “Enlightenment
comes through loss of the ego.” But what do such statements actually mean? In this session, you’ll learn an alternative to meditation that offers a step-by-step process of dissolving the everyday sense of the ego.

This new process has helped people with insomnia, relationship issues, pre-migraine auras, difficult emotions, and much more.
• How to find the everyday sense of the ego
• How to access an experience of awareness
• How to allow the experience of the ego to dissolve, or what to do if it doesn’t
• Demonstration and practice of the process
• How to use this to access more resourcefulness throughout life

Mark Andreas does NLP Change Coaching with individuals around the world meeting over Skype. Mark trains NLP around the country and internationally. Author of the books Sweet Fruit from the Bitter Tree and Waltzing with Wolverines.