Liza Boubari – 2018

Workshop – Cost $35
How to Shine on Social Media, Liza Boubari
How and where do you show up on Google? How interactive is your website? Your website is the biggest social networking platform in the world by far, with more than a billion active users on the web. Does your FACE shine on FACEBOOK?

We all know Social media is growing more each day. Small business owners can’t afford to ignore Facebook. Nearly all consumers use the Web to search for local businesses – and most of them are on Facebook.

Learn six proven methods to improve your exposure! Liza will share some tools and techniques on how you too can use social media to bring in the clients!
• Create your business page
• Share information
• Make connections
• Engage your audience
• Leverage fans

Liza Boubari, founder of HealWithin, Inc. is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Stress Management Consultant with a thriving hypnotherapy business in Glendale, CA. Liza appeared on the cover of Business Life Magazine as one of the Women Achievers in 1995, and again in 2014.