Linda Bennett – 2018

Workshop – Cost $35
Subconscious Intervention Through Hypno-kinesiology, Linda Bennett
Learn to align head and heart through muscle testing combined with hypnosis. Purpose – To explore ways to introduce muscle testing as a tool to enhance the process of hypnosis. Just as ideomotor techniques assishypnosis,swihat in the communication with the subconscious, muscle testing can go directly to identifying blocks and streamline the releasing process. Many clients are struggling with success because they are double minded. Their head is going one way and their hearts another. Through this process practitioners can clarify client’s intentions and create a cleaner path to desired outcomes.
• Learn basic muscle testing techniques for clients
• Identify difference between head/ heart
• Understand blocks to achieving goals
• Identify source of blocks
• Identify tools to release blocks

Linda Bennett, CHT, is the Hypnotherapy / Guided Imagery Program Director at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Linda is the esteemed 2014 International Medical & Dental Hypnosis Association Educator of the Year, She was also awarded the 2017 IMDHA Chapter of the Year.