Katherine Zimmerman – 2018

Workshop – $35
Coming to Wholeness: Parts Therapy Revisited, Katherine Zimmerman
After a successful parts therapy session you may hear clients exclaim, “I feel whole!” Or, “I feel more grown up.” Negotiating with fragmented parts and integrating them back into your client’s life makes a profound difference. One client who stated that she “hates parts therapy,” was happy to have her life altered in such a positive direction. Learn how to negotiate with disowned parts, assign them a new role and help them perform their job from an adult perspective.
For clients who are reluctant to undergo age regression, this can clear the same trauma simply by using another approach. Whether the client’s goal is smoking, weight, passing exams, self-esteem or any other goal, this can produce life-altering results.

• Identify the clients who would benefit
• Educate the client about the process.
• Learn how to negotiate with wounded parts
• Discover how to help parts grow up and integrate
• Learn what to do when the client wants to reject a part

Katherine Zimmerman is the Director of the California Hypnotherapy Academy, an internationally-known author and speaker, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Since 1989, she has taught classes and given presentations on hypnotherapy at professional conferences across the country. http://trancetime.com