John Butler – 2018

Pre-conference, April 18, 2018
Transforming Therapy™: State of the Art, John Butler
The powerful, multi-level hypnotherapy method developed by renowned innovator Gil Boyne to bring lasting, deep change to clients.

Gil’s work is the foundation of almost all modern regression hypnotherapy. During much of Gil’s last 15 years, Dr. Butler worked closely with him as his co-teacher in developing the method. In this seminar John demonstrates innovative and creative methods in Transforming Therapy, answering questions including
• Which inductions to use
• When to move the session from pre-hypnotic interview to uncovering work to trance, from trance to analytical work or to programming
• How to work most effectively with a client in integrative dialogue and acquiring new perceptions
• How to guide the client in self-concept and life values reconstruction
As a committed and creative therapist, you will be glad you attended this seminar.

Dr. John Butler, Ph.D. (Med Sci) has had a career over 35 years in hypnotherapy and other methods of client change. His work is based on extensive clinical experience, academic studies and neurological research, in which he holds a doctoral degree. He has made many media appearances discussing hypnotherapy.