Jane Ann Covington – 2018

Help Clients Access Their Full Potential Higher Self, Jane Ann Covington
The basis of this mini-workshop is the icing on the cake: After you’ve done your good work of helping your clients clear their blocks and unhelpful patterns, what’s next? They will be excited to discover the greatest gift that God instilled in each, from the beginning of our time. Learn the premise of this amazing process, helping you understand that it isn’t something that must be made up–Your Full Potential Highest Self is already within you.
After a brief introduction, each of you will begin to do the work with a partner of your choice in the class and discover not only your own Full Potential Highest Self, but also be the witness to your partner’s discovery.

• Learn about how each of us comes into the world with special gifts and talents.
• How these gifts were suppressed
• Experience a demonstration of the process
• Practice the technique

Jane Ann Covington studied with Gil Boyne and many others in related fields of brain science, quantum physics and metaphysics over the last 40 years. She founded Hypnosis Institute Int’l School (1995), a private practice (1987), author of Getting Rid of Anxiety-self study http://hypnosisinstitute.net