Charles Montagu – 2018

Workshop – Cost $35
Working with Anxiety, Charles Montagu
Fear is at the heart of every presenting issue a client brings to us. Whether this is a specific phobia, a post-traumatic condition or a state of chronic worrying, our clients look to us for help to free themselves from the shackles and limitations the anxiety has placed in their way.

Learn how to help your clients to overcome anxiety, using a blend of hypnotherapeutic techniques that Charles has now distilled into a three hour workshop. You will receive proven methods that will liberate your clients from anxiety, time and time again. Live demonstrations and, as usual with Charles, will be both informative and entertaining.

• How to differentiate between different kinds of fear
• Learn ways to work with each type of fear
• How to structure a powerful first session
• Live demonstrations
• Includes 25-page .pdf workbook

Since training with Gil Boyne in 1988, Charles has run a successful medical and holistic Clinic in Central London. His work has featured on television and many publications including the New Scientist. Charles serves on the Board of ACHE, and Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre.