Cell Command Therapy, Ed Martin

An opportunity not to be missed!

Investment: $150.00; $190 at the door

Date/time: April 19, 2018; 9:30 am – 5:30 pm

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We are delighted to welcome back Dr Ed Martin PhD to our conference next year. For those of you who missed his presentation 15 years ago, be prepared to be inspired and educated by one of the greatest instructors in our field.

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn specialized hypnosis techniques  to help heal, restore and stimulate the  body’s cells to heal, renew and regenerate.

Cell Command Therapy™  is essentially a set of highly specialized hypnosis techniques for the healing of the body, mind and spirit.

Cell Command Therapy™ is  cutting edge hypnosis which first releases the blocks and causes of a problem or condition, and then stimulates changes to the mind to affect and accelerate mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

The first step effectively uses deep hypnosis to release, at the cellular level, blocks or causes underlying the presenting condition that requires healing.

It is a perfect adjunct to any other system of healing, indeed, once mastered, it will be a tool you will use again and again to promote healing and wellness with your clients.

The second, adjunctive step is actual cellular programming, catalized in deep trance, that causes the restoring or regenerating of the relevant body system or part(s).

Cell Command Therapy’s™ positive suggestions demonstrate the powerful natural  healing  ability of the mind on the body, by helping a person to direct healing and to speci?c systems and aspects of the mind, body and spirit.

The Cell Command Therapy™ approach uses authoritarian hypnosis techniques that have been used for centuries to assist in healing, and they take it much farther, by stimulating the cells for direct healing or change to occur.

You will witness a demonstration of Cell Command Therapy™ for pain release or physical healing.

You will also, personally, experience the power of the Cell Command Therapy in this powerful training.

What attendees will learn:

  • Learn powerful and proven hypnosis techniques to assist that promote healing for virtually any condition;
  • Learn about the forms of hypnosis to release or remove the mental blocks or causes of a given condition;
  • Learn how to use authoritarian hypnosis successfully with all clients to promote physical change;
  • Master the basics of Cell Command Therapy™;
  • Understand what cellular level hypnotic communication actually is;
  • Learn how forms of  authoritarian hypnosis have been used for centuries for healing and physical change;
  • Experience cell commands to your own endocrine system for healing and immune system enhancement;
  • Witness a demonstration of Cell Command Therapy™ Hypnosis for pain release and healing.

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Ed Martin PhD is a professional hypnotherapist who has worked for many years, with hypnosis, to assist people to overcome illness and disease. He has been a pioneer in using the tools of hypnosis for critical illness recovery and cellular stimulation or regeneration. He is the creator of Cell Command Therapy.

Ed’s career began as an engineer, in both civil and computer engineering and consulting, with hypnosis as a hobby. Then an unexplainable healing experience using hypnosis caused him to rethink the way we program our minds and bodies. This caused his interest, study and work with hypnosis. After more that 20 years in the computer ?eld, he began to see the parallels of the mind with the computer, and developed a system to work with a person’s own personal “software”.

He also studied Native American healing techniques, and is now the adopted son of an Indian Holy Man.

Ed is also certified by the Texas Commission of Law Enforcement Officers to teach Forensic Hypnosis to hypnotherapists and to the Law Enforcement community. He is the founder of the Path Foundation.